Technology and professional Ethics【000105】 Technology and professional Ethics【000105】


科目区分 International Course 単位数
選択・必修 選択 授業形態 講義
開講時期 10-11月 講義室 情報L1


担当教員筆頭者名 Shushi Ueda
教育目的/授業目標 Objective of this course is to let the students understand ethical issues related to technology and to let them develop a sense of professionalism as engineers.


備考 回数 テーマ 内容
1回 ・Introduction to practical engineering ethics
・Engineers’ mission and responsibility
・Engineers and the Laws
・Safety and Risk management 
・Information ethics/Security management 
・Environmental and resource concerns
・Case studies and Group discussion


テキスト Not required
The handouts will be available from this page prior to the class.
参考書 ・Charles H.Harris, Michael S.Pritchard, Michael J.Rabins,”Engineering
Ethics consepts and Case" 3rd Eddition, Wadsworth (2005)
・Deborah G.Jhonson, “Computer Ehics” 3rd Eddition, Prentice Hall
・Jeffrey Kovac, “The Ethical Chemists – Professional and Ethics in
Science - ”, Pearson Education,Inc,(2004)


履修条件 Basic knowledge of science and engineering
オフィスアワー (A202)13:30~15:00 before every class 
成績評価の方法と基準 Assessment will be based on home works (60%) and contribution to class (40%)
関連科目 NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers
Roger Boisjoly-The Challenger Disaster
William LeMessurier-The Fifty-Nine-Story Crisis: A Lesson in Professional Behavior