Literature in Bioscience Research I【220305】 Literature in Bioscience Research I【220305】


科目区分 International Course 単位数 1
選択・必修 必修 授業形態 演習
開講時期 1年次 講義室 L12会議室


担当教員筆頭者名 Bessho
担当教員 別所他
教育目的/授業目標 In this class, the students will learn the basic technologies in Gene cloning and DNA analysis and their history of development.
指導方針 Every participant reads the indicated chapter of the textbook prior to the class. The indicated discussion leader(s) illustrate the contents of the chapter, and organize discussion.


備考 回数 テーマ 内容
1回 Chapter 1 and 2 Importance of Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis, and Vector for Gene Cloning.
2回 Chapter 3 and 4 Purification of DNA from Living Cells, and Manipulation of Purified DNA
3回 Chapter 5 and 6 Introduction of DNA into Living Cells, and Cloning Vectors for E. coli
4回 Chapter 7 and 8 Cloning Vectors for Eukaryotes, and How to Obtain a Clone of a Specific Gene
5回 Chapter 9 and 10 The Polymerase Chain Reaction, and Sequencing Genes and Genomes
6回 Chapter 11 and 12 Studying Gene Expression and Function, and Studying Genomes
7回 Chapter 13 and 14 Production of Protein from Cloned Genes, and Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis in Medicine
8回 Chapter 15 and 16 Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis in Agriculture, and Gene Cloning and DNA Analysis in Forensic Science and Archaeology
9回 予備日(spare date)


テキスト T.A. Brown, GENE CLONING & DNA ANALYSIS 7th edition (Wiley-Blackwell)


履修条件 Students are required to attend a minimum of 2/3 of classes.
オフィスアワー 13:30-15:00 in the day of the class.
成績評価の方法と基準 Grading of this course will be decided according to presentation (50%) and the contribution to the discussion (50%).
注意事項 This will be taught in English.